Smart Loan Management System, LendInAsia Goes Online!

On 1st January 2020, the first smart loan management system 1.0 developed by LendInAsia officially launched. The state-of-the-art intelligent system is now available for both iOS and Android.

The rise of Internet finance causes the masses to have stronger expectations on the functions of mobile applications, Internet applications and remote account openings. At the same time, loan companies are eagerly looking forward to building all-around concurrency systems. Being an innovative technology company, LendInAsia embodies the core value of offering mature and complete solutions that cover every nitty-gritty within before, during, and after loan services. Currently, we are actively seeking vibrant merchants for collaboration purposes, and are now offering lucrative early discounts up to 33%. With only USD 10,000 in one-off fee and USD 1,000 every month, our partners can equip their loan systems with these amazing features:

  • iOS & Android Applications
  • Corporate Web Page
  • AI for Data Analysis
  • Applicant Data Tracking
  • Flexible Loan Packages
  • Multilingual Platform
  • Third-party Disbursement and Payment Gateway
  • Auto Call via VoIP (Proxy)
  • Centralised Blacklist Portal
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Push Notifications for Users
  • SMS Blast and Marketing
  • Live Chat
  • User Behaviour Tracking
  • Call Duty Assignment
  • Customised Commission Table
  • Advanced and Personalised Analysis Reports

LendInAsia’s intelligent end-to-end solutions automate lending processes for all realms of businesses, support emerging loan business forms such as immediate borrowings and repayments, as well as digitise every loan application and disbursement. As for its operation, our thoroughly trained business analyst team will provide online or onsite training so that your team can maximise the full potential of our automatic system. Moreover, even after your project went live, we will continue to supply rolling updates and bug fixings for it.

There is no better way to witness LendInAsia’s fortes than to use them. If you are looking for a new era of safe and effortless lendings, visit our official website and try our full-featured demo today!