LendInAsia Collaborates with FPay to Deepen Integrated Mobile Financial Services

LendInAsia announces its partnership with FPay Pte. Ltd. As one of FPay’s new technology partners, LendInAsia is determined to build various conveniences and advantages for merchants.

As a payment gateway platform with an excellent local reputation, FPay aims to build the most efficient payment channel in the Southeast Asian region. Taking this objective into consideration, FPay includes all popular transfer methods in the region during its construction. Unlike other platforms, FPay omits redundant documents in all processes and does not even require users to engage with their clients through FPay website.

What Benefits Are FPay Services Showering You with?

  • Payments and Settlements in Multiple Currencies, Namely MYR, SGD, THB, IDR, and VND;
  • Flexible Settlement Processing Days at Your Convenience;
  • Easy Integrations into Any E-Commerce Platforms;
  • Secure and Reliable Payment Methods;
  • Documents such as Bank Statements and Company Registration Certificates Are Not Required in Application Processes;
  • Different Payment Methods such as Online Banking, Credit Cards and E-Wallets;
  • Low Interest Rates, Instant Settlements;
  • Reduce Workloads, Enhance Productions.

Through this collaboration, LendInAsia and FPay will maximise their advantages and learn from one another to reinforce all-round cooperation in the field of mobile payments. Regardless of sizes and realms of businesses, both LendInAsia and FPay are committed to provide intelligent, open, and integrated digital mobile financial services for all small and medium-sized enterprises.

Therefore, upon your agreement with LendInAsia, we will also connect you to FPay personnel. Through LendInAsia’s referral, you will save up to USD 1,000 for your application fee. Hurry up and visit our official website for more details: