Lend in Asia Delivered First Vietnamese Platform
DongSpace Activated Its E-Lending Model

The first Vietnamese lending platform developed by Lend in Asia, DongSpace officially launched!

Lend in Asia helped Vietnamese lending provider DongSpace to complete its e-lending platform. Both the frontend web page and the backend management portal of our first Vietnamese project are operating in Vietnamese language. This is to ensure that the person in charge can monitor the business in their preferred language and wave goodbye to complicated manual management with an electronic and automated model. Furthermore, Lend in Asia provided services such as live chat, applicant data tracking, AI for data analysis, analytics dashboard, etc.

Lend in Asia is committed to meeting client requirements of different countries and markets as well as building lending platforms via multiple Asian languages, namely English, Mandarin, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. With our first Vietnamese project laid the cornerstone for Lend in Asia’s long-term development in the country, we also hope to build a solid e-lending foundation in Vietnam.

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